Spindlecraft was established in 2013. Initially, it was a side project. A platform for me, to showcase the things I made in my wood shop. As a web designer & developer, with so much of my work existing digitally, wood working provided not only an escape from sitting behind a screen, but also a means to make something tangible. Something physical. Something you could feel and interact with. After several years of experimenting with different materials, techniques, finishes, and tools – I began to notice opportunities to inject many of the principles of design into my projects. This resulted in a highly refined, custom production process, that enabled me to create unique, heirloom quality products that people love.

The goal was never to make products that were simply "pretty", or "really nice". The goal was to create products that created an experience for the customer. Products that created delight. Products that engaged the senses. Products that allowed customers to smell the saw dust when opening the package. Products that allowed customers to enjoy the weight, texture and feel of it in their hand. Products that were visually stunning and inspired conversation.

Since then, I have pursued this ideal tirelessly to get to what you see now: a well-thought-out company who takes pride in both its process and its products. It's a deliberately small shop, and I make no false pretense about being bigger than I am, or that I am capable of producing anything in high volume. And that's okay. Perhaps one day it will grow to that. In the mean time, I'm happy to be provide fine hand-held goods to people who appreciate quality craftsmanship.

Custom Orders

One of my true passions is creating custom pieces that will have special meaning to their recipients. If you want something custom made, I am more than happy to work with you in coming up with something you or a special someone will love. To get started, fill out the form, or send me an e-mail at info@spindlecraft.com.